Guild Activity

Guild Member Blue was seen near Guttural Valley just outside of Drocsid speeding a carriage with local town merchant.

Guild Member Indigo has found Magic Pond Water in The Crystal Caverns

Guild Member Blue has returned from quest: The Crystal Caverns and checked in at The Mockery Guild

Guild Member Karu was kicked by Shaman Goblin at Labyrinth of the fallen cult

Guild Member Persephone was spotted at Chef Warren's Cart eating a full meal.

Guild Member Beth, Guild Member Karu and Guild Master Magnolia have returned from The Labyrinth of the fallen cult after 3 days.

Guild Member Gingerbread returned from successful raid with his party, and was seen carrying a Dragon's head.

Guild Member Manon Nyx was spotted kissing Guild Member Persephone on the nose causing her to blush at The Pigglet's Bum Tavern